In the process of creating a polymer injection moulded product, proper bonding of the (diagnostic) consumable is crucial.

It is your goal to select a bonding technique that exceeds all application requirements, such as:

  • high bond strength
  • high transparency
  • no excess solvent
  • smooth surface / zero clogging
  • biocompatibility

The solution also needs to be low-cost, scalable, and allow smooth integration in your production processes.

A bonded injection moulded microfluidic sample will help you drastically speed up the process and allow you to test for biocompatibility. Use the sample to conduct your own material and bonding tests.

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Exceed application requirements

Axxicon's bonding techniques ensure high bond strength, high transparency, no excess solvent, smooth surface and zero clogging.


Smooth integration in production processes

Ask our engineers to help you realize a low-cost and scalable solution for your diagnostic consumable.


Use the sample to test for biocompatibility

Your consumable needs to be compatible with bio materials. Make sure to use your sample to test for biocompatibility.